Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend from the Perspective of Wednesday

Like most projects I start, I'm wearing a little thin on this 7 year itch project. Not that I don't like talking about James and meandjames, but, I find it's interfering with me talking about my first love: Summer.

To remedy this, how about a quick recap of summer activities:

1. Saturday we go to the beach. The waves are crazy choppy and incessant. James loves it. The rough waters have stirred up all the seaweed, however, and it feels like swimming in miso soup.

2. We drive through light rain to see the Brooklyn Cyclones game. On our way we see a helicopter spot and divers jump off a police boat to rescue a person out of the East river. Then we see that person hauled onboard the NYPD boat and resuscitated. It is nuts.

3. Oh, then we get to the baseball game, discover our seats are terrible, and sneak into better seats. This isn't as daring as it sounds because it was pouring rain and everyone smart had taken off.

4. After the game I get a corndog from Nathan's which will be the nutritional highlight of my weekend.

5. On Sunday James mentions the river story (see #2) in his testimony, and I spend the rest of the meeting feeling totally put out with James for depriving both Tyson and me the opportunity to tell anyone the story ourselves.

6. Then I realize that Tyson filmed the rescue on his phone, and that we can use the footage in our next project. Production Value.

7. Tyson makes strawberry kiwi ice cream in his new ice cream maker. As everyone is finishing and Tyson is collecting the bowls to take to this kitchen, I refuse to give mine up and explain that I haven't finished scraping the bottom of it for the last ice cream remnants. He looks slightly askance, and slightly flattered.


  1. I think I feel a little put out about missing the strawberry kiwi ice cream. Then again we had mint chocolate chip...

    I do not feel put out about the wet crappy seats. Now we know about the bleachers! Glad you tested that one out and glad you got better seats!

  2. Baseball, ice cream, exciting water rescues - there is nothing better than summer.

  3. #5... No one else at my house gets it, but I couldn't stop laughing.

  4. Your feet look so far away. Have you gotten taller?