Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby's First

A few weeks ago James and I took Edie for a ride in the car, and James pointed out that it was her first car ride. I pointed out that we were going to be noting "baby's first" a lot if we started down that path. Baby's first thunderstorm, baby's first falling asleep to Iron and Wine (first, but not the last. that band is hipster nyquil), baby's first visit to Colonial Williamsburg, and so on.

But this was baby's first Thanksgiving, which deserves to be captured. She didn't actually eat any of it, so I thought it was in bad taste to photograph her with the food. So, instead I captured what she actually did: hung out and didn't nap in Janelle's coolly lit room.


  1. These are all cute, but that second one killed me with it's cuteness.

  2. Iron and Wine: smart.

    We've been playing our baby old Paul McCartney songs and the Eagles. Works like a charm.