Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take Me In

Brooklyn. Brooklyn in the fall.

When Edie was about a week old, I went for a walk in the gathering twilight. I took a deep breath and could feel it in the air: it was Crucible weather.

On Halloween Brooklyn felt like Halloween. The kind of Halloween you see in movies, with scuttling leaves and kids in homemade mummy and ghost costumes.

Last week, when Edie was 4 weeks old, I took her for a walk in the Prospect Park, and Brooklyn felt like I and Love and You. Quiet and lonely, but the kind of lonely you want to feel.

I'm a faithful believer in reinvention, just like Brooklyn.

Thanks to Annie for introducing me to this song.

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  1. Beautiful song. Thanks for passing it along. Those colors will be with me for the rest of the day.