Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everyone's Got an Agenda, Even on Halloween*

Halloween in Brooklyn was good, though was kind of spare on the candy front. What is the point of having a child if they don't earn a bucketful of candy that they are too young to eat, so, being a responsible parent, you eat it yourself? Is there a point?

The noteable exception was the guy at the dumpling place who gave James and me a kit kat each. I think I'll be eating a lot more dumplings these days as thanks (note: it actually might not be possible to eat more dumplings than I already do).

We did bully our good pals into dragging their young girls outside in the cold to watch the Park Slope Halloween parade, which was a scene. James, as per usual, bemoaned the fact that we didn't dress up. It was only this morning that we realized he had the makings for a pretty solid What About Bob costume. All that we'd need to have gotten was the fish in a mason jar around his neck. Is there anything more bitter than a missed opportunity . . . to stand in the street and yell, DR. MARVIN? DR. LEO MARVIN?

Next year.

*The best part of the parade are the homemade puppets people carry. No small scale nonsense; big, impressive puppets--like a 5 foot spider with PVC legs, and a giant zombie mermaid held by 4 adults. My personal favorite was the 99% representing Wall Street man, 8 feet tall, looking appropriately sinister and holding a bag of money. Also, a Fidel Castro walked with his kids, smoking a cigar and giving the crowd the communist fist of power.

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