Thursday, November 10, 2011

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Things that have not changed:

My preference for snacks rather than actual meals
My inability to arrive anywhere on time
My interest in old television series
My furniture
My name
My hair
My city
My park
My friends
My phone number
My social security number
My late night snacking schedule
The nature of my conversations with James

Things that have changed:

My interest in showers
My interest in babies
The amount of online shopping I do vs regular shopping
What time it gets dark in the evening
The number of times per day that I am sucker punched by a flailing infant
My runs
How frequently I speak to friends about my boobs
The freedom I have to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom
The nature of my conversations with James
My expectations for each day
How I see my life
. . .
Just everything


  1. I think I would capture more of my life in my journals if I just used your blog entries as topics for writing assignments. Don't be surprised if I do.

  2. Something else that changes are your willingness to takes "boobs" out. Breastfeeding is so odd.

  3. Just everything, that's all.

    I concur w/Susanna. Except, mind if I use your posts as my journal entries? you're just better with the words.