Monday, November 7, 2011

My Weekend in Words and Photos

Saturday as a day of rest (these sleepy photos belie the amount of work it took to accomplish them).

Next to my chair, which is next to the window. This is where I sit to feed Edie, and look out onto 4th Ave. Where I see drunken fights on weekends, cabs all night, and bread and newspapers delivered in the early morning. In case you're wondering, the book on top is a Babysitters Club Super Special, New York, New York. I'm re-reading it.

On Saturday I made my triumphant return to running. It was . . . not as un-triumphant as I was expecting.

Who, besides me, thinks DVDs are on their way out? I got this baby for $2, and we watched it this weekend. Worth every penny.

The New York City Marathon runs past our apartment. Which is so exciting, every year. There was a band this year. James swears there's one every year, but, hand to heart, I don't ever remember seeing one before. And I feel like I'd remember, because this band was apparently taking requests, and played Livin' on a Prayer and Don't Stop Believing while the crowd sang along like it was early morning karaoke. I feel like I'd remember that from last year.

They also played Darth Vader's theme as the elite male runners ran past. It was thrilling (those aren't the elite runners in the photo below. those are just john q. public runners).

Baby's first subway ride. She liked it okay.

She liked it as much as anyone likes the subway.

Weekend accomplished.


  1. First, I loved that Baby-Sitter's Club book! One of my favorites. Man, they lived great lives!

    And Second, adorable hat on baby Edie. She's too cute.

  2. Hey Val, I'm loving your blog.

  3. For some reason I have a gajillion comments to make on this post but I'll just stick to the important ones:

    1.) I'm coveting Edie's hat. Pink AND a pompom? I'm going to make one for myself but I promise to not wear it if we're ever together because that would just be embarassing.

    2.) You hair in the last picture looks very Jane Austen.

  4. Katie, tell me about it. I pretty much love all the super specials. Every year at Christmas I read winter vacation one (the one where they get snowed in at the lodge and, guess what, do a little babysitting).

    Kath, thanks dude.

    Rach, no way, Edie looooooves to be twinners. She and James have matching snowsuits.