Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy Krispy Kreme

Tuesday, November 22nd. 10 am. North Carolina. Occupy Kirspy Kreme.

Our demands were simple. We wanted donuts. We wanted them hot. And we wanted them NOW.

Our demands were met.


Our people were placated.

Our people got tired and lost their fury.

Then we saw the means of production. The sleek river of hot oil that leads to the waterfall of glaze.

We saw the volume of available donuts as compared to our measly dozen and our people got surly.

Our people twittered the revolution.

Then, as expected, the man got involved--and things got ugly.

Was it a success? Who can say? True revolutions never end. They go on and on.


  1. you're right. the revolution continues.
    tonight, it's ravioli.

  2. Oh, I sense blackmail in about 15 years for Lila.