Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shrine On

The Shriners put on a circus in Raleigh, and Annie managed to come by some tickets. After getting lost on the way over, we saw about fifteen minutes of it, but, still worth it. The guy taking tickets was wearing one of the Shriner's hats, and that alone would have made the trip worthwhile.

I've never been to the circus before; it equal parts desolate and magical. I'm hard-pressed to define what it was about it I found so fascinating. I think it was because it felt like stepping into a different world. Or a different time. Slower paced, more vaudevillian . . . honestly, I don't know. But I loved it.

On the way home I considered joining up. I think James and Edie and I could work up some sort of family high-wire act.

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  1. Have you seen the PBS documentary "Circus"? It is FASCINATING. All those things they say about carnies are 100% true. It made me want to join up and also get a tetanus shot.