Thursday, November 3, 2011

Smarter, for a Girl

I think I'm getting smarter. I don't check my email when she's asleep. I take showers, or nap, or make sandwiches. Things I can't do when she's awake (no, I cannot make a sandwich when she's awake, okay?). Everything else I can do in snatches, like eat a bowl of cereal, or respond to a text message, or get dressed.

I'm also think I'm getting less smart. I was chatting with a stranger at Barnes and Noble the other day, and I found myself telling her that I was usually a lot sharper than I was appearing. I don't know that she was convinced.

I'm also getting fixated. This is not new. James brought me a box of Trader Joe's graham crackers. Have you had these? I can't stop eating them. They should call them Trader Joe's graham crack(ers).

I used to be a lot sharper.

*beautiful photos via our good pal Double R.


  1. I read once that the change in sharpness that occurs with the onset of motherhood has to do with not just the quantity but the quality of your sleep. This rang true to me - even when you do get to sleep through the night, you pretty much always have your ears open for any sound from a child who might need you. Sharpness is a pretty small price to pay, however, for the privilege of spending your days in the company of those baby cheeks. I see shades of your mom in the first photo where she's looking over the shoulder ... so lovely.

  2. Not over the shoulder. Out of the sling. Or wrap. 12 years after my first baby and I am still regrettably unsharp.

  3. Thanks, Liz. I'll return the compliment.

    True that, Ana. My sleep is shoddy at best. Flitting. Though, truth be told I'm catching it in snatches of about an hour these days. I assume someday I'll look back with fondness.

    And it's a wrap. I love it.