Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts I Have While Watching Sister Wives

1. Do they dress that way because they're polygamists or because they live in Utah?
2. I kind of love that Utah regional dialect.
3. Who would I choose as my sister wives?
4. Where does Kody get those stupid shirts? And why does he always, always wear them?
5. That Logan is a peach.
6. Christine is crazy, right?
7. Is it a plural wife imperative that all their indoor lighting be overhead and florescent?
8. Meri reminds me of a million Mormon women I know - capable, business-like, and super efficient.
9. What is Janelle's job? I want to know more.
10. Madison is my favorite kid. I think I only like Janelle's kids.
11. Do the kids all want to be polygamists?
12. Why don't they talk more about religion. That's what I want to know about (which, I realize, might not be of such interest to the viewing public at large). How did Kody (and his parents) and Janelle (and her mom) go from mainstream religion to this? What were the steps they took to cross that chasm?
13. Why does Kody spell his name with a K? Doesn't he realize that makes his look like some teenager working at Lagoon for the summer? He should think about changing that.
14. Annie and Susanna were right. This show is totally engrossing.


  1. sadly, i know a lot of these answers.
    we can talk about it. on wednesday.

  2. As a Utahn, I have to object to the "Utahns dress like polygamists" thought. I personally dress like I just came from gym class, (even though I haven't gone to one in years) Some may call it lazy, I call it comfy. But nobody would call it polygamistish.

  3. One time I went to Hogle Zoo with some friends. G was working so it was just me, carrying Sam in the Baby Bjorn. My friend, who is a little quirky (that's why I love her) wore navy blue tights and brown sandals. Her husband had a beard. We got a lot of stares. Pretty soon I realized everyone was probably wondering how those polygs got that black baby.

  4. I hate that I love watching that show. You forgot to add to the list something about Kody's stupid hair that he's in love with. I love your blog- I just recently found it.

  5. Is it just me or does anyone else want to punch Kody in the throat? The women all seem intelligent and competent (with varying degrees of crazy) and so I can't understand why any of them would hitch their wagon to that of this vain, self-obsessed, stupid-hair-sporting doofus. Why would any one woman want to marry him, much less four?

  6. Christine is crazy. I think she has anger issues. I mean who argues with an 8 year old on a daily basis.