Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Fear and its Manifestations

Here's the thing: I'm afraid of Edie. And I think she knows it.

I pretty much terrified of upsetting her. I mean, if I upset James, I know it, but he doesn't become immediately hysterical (usually). We talk it out, like reasonable human beings. Not so with Edie. If I, say, put her down so I can eat a taco, or give her a bath, that's it. Catastrophe.

And, as adults, or just as humans, we're hard wired to try to prevent someone from losing their marbles as a result of our actions, so, long story short, I'm completely intimidated by this tiny little baby. If she objects to anything, I more or less knock it off. Tummy time, baths, fingernail clipping, sitting in that weirdly molded rubber seat, listening to ABBA . . .

And I realize this kind of makes me a bad parent. But, back off, I'm trying. We sort of figured out a bath ritual she likes (though, full disclosure, James got the idea from 3 Men and a Baby), I'm working up the nerve to clip her fingernails, and she now has tummy time whether she likes it or not (mostly because I don't want her head to become misshapen).

I'm hoping to grow a backbone before she becomes aware of the power she wields. And before she finds this post in my blog archive.

If she asks, no one show her how to search the archive for topic, okay?

*that is a giant bottle of oil on my kitchen table, which makes it look like I just got a FryDaddy or something (wishlist), but in reality I just wanted some brownies and that was on sale at the Mexican grocery by my apartment. Okay?


  1. First and foremost, I'll show you a big bottle of oil...that is nothing!

    Second, you'll pretty quickly develop somewhat of a backbone when you are working on the second child and witness the result of your work with the first child.

  2. Babies are bombs. I feel like I now know what the guy from Hurt Locker feels like (because that movie was real..?)

  3. Did you know I blog stalk you? I feel like we've had this conversation. Anyway, you pretty much crack me up.

    Careful about tummy time. I thought I was being such a great mom by allowing Eliza lots of tummy time. Now she's only 6 months old and crawling all over creation. Just give enough to prevent disfiguration, but not too much that they gain autonomy.

  4. I remember reading that parents should "learn to tolerate their child's displeasure." WHA? To this day I cannot abide the sound of a temper tantrum. Probably explains a lot about the spoiledness of my children.

  5. I used to be like that with Bruce. I finally decided if he wasn't hurt and all of his needs were met, then a little crying wasn't a bad thing. It is annoying though.

    Now that we are transitioning to toddler stage a little crying usually means learning. He cried for a week when we went to the toddler bed and the same for getting rid of the pacifier and all other major changes.

    Sorry for the essay. Basically, you will toughen up.