Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can You Win at Parenthood?

Because - take note other parents - here's how to do it:

1. Kind of don't pay attention to naps all day Friday.
2. Don't notice that you're not paying attention because there are two of you, so, someone's probably paying attention.
3. Instead of noticing the lack of napping happening with a certain 2 month old baby, hi-5 about the purchase of the first two seasons of Community (what? on sale? merry christmas, indeed).
4. When she wakes up from what should be the afternoon/evening nap after only 30 minutes, hey, don't worry. Just put her in that Bumbo thing and laugh at what it would look like if you installed a steering wheel on it.
5. Pat yourselves on the back when she falls asleep like a freaking angel at 8:00 pm.
6. Look at each other, perplexed, when she wakes up at 8:11 pm.
7. Pause the Christmas episode of Up All Night when she wakes up again at 8:23 pm. And again at 8:34. Don't notice the irony.
8. Have a minor nervous breakdown at 3:30 am wherein you tell a baby that no one can live like this. Make that pronouncement shrill.
9. Toss out all plans for Saturday and improvise around any nap that baby wants to take. Ever.
10. Ever.

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