Thursday, December 8, 2011

Edith Blessed

On Sunday, 1:30 pm, at home, surrounded by dads and moms and sisters and cousins and dearest friends.

Edie wore the dress I was blessed in.

We finished with fancy cheeses and brownies and banana pudding, but the best part, even better than the banana pudding, was James's sweet blessing for our Edie.

We are very happy.

Oh, then this happened:


  1. Very perfect. She's a dream.

    p.s. at first i thought she had spit up in the photo and that the spit up was blue and i was like, tell james to stop giving her blue-razz kool-aid.

    (other kool-aid is fine)

  2. Annie, me too.

    Jen, I actually do have a photo of Edie mid-spit up. It was my finest hour of motherhood.
    Also, what about blue raspberry popsicles?

  3. How sweet that she wore the dress you were blessed in! I also love that you did it at home. I would like to do this with our next baby.

  4. Is that Magnolia's banana pudding? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    I am so glad you are finding yourself in motherhood. What an awesome blessing!

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous. You guys rock.

  6. Let's talk about those legs of hers. I know this is the most cliche-blog-comment in the world, but I love those legs. I just wiggled my OWN legs because I couldn't wiggle hers. It was not as satisfying as I had hoped.