Sunday, December 18, 2011

There is a chair in the corner of my bedroom, next to a window, where Edie and I spend a lot of time.  I feed her there, I hold her as she falls asleep, we read books there, or just hanging out and looking out at the cars going by on 4th Ave.

Most of those activities, except for the reading part, leave me with not a lot to do.  So I look out the window to the corner of 4th Ave and 7th Street, where the TrueClean Laundromat is.  I've often wished for commotion to occur on that corner, like a little play for me to watch as I sit.

Here is a list of the things I'd most like to have happen, in ascending order:

5.  A surprise proposal.

4.  Any sort of loud, dramatic break up.

3.  A fight (but more of a West Side Story fight, with singing and Bob Fosse choreography, as opposed to one where I have to call the police).

2.  A movie being filmed in which the star has a temper tantrum and storms off set when he/she spots the guy working the crane eating a hot dog.  I will accept any of the following stars: Sandra Bullock, Steven Segal, Sally Feild, or teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner.

1.  Any sort of non-violent illegal activity where I call the police and they are, serendipitously, right around the corner and I get the satisfaction of watching justice being served.

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  1. Yesterday morning, walking back to my little penthouse apartment on Court and Degraw from my SLC red eye, I passed a man using a chainsaw to attack the padlock on a bike. I raised an eyebrow. It was 8am and people were walking to breakfast or coffee, no one else raised an eyebrow. I got home and realized, hmm... that guy should maybe not be using a chainsaw to do that. So I called the police. When they pulled up the guy dropped his chainsaw and ran. I caught most of the chase from my bedroom window. Then I went to bed. I wouldn't have considered it a noteworthy event, but then I read your blog. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the little things.