Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winners and Liars

So, here's what's happening. Everyone who commented is getting a handcrafted friendship bracelet. I just couldn't decide.

Shiloh (check)
Jennnnnnnnnifer (check)
Camille (check)
Rachel K.
Liesl (check)
and B-Town

We'll work out the details as I finish your heirlooms.

In other news, this photo is a lie. She won't sleep. Like, at all. I'm not actually sure how it's physically possible to carry on with so little sleep. Because I'm sure as H having a hard time. Unless all her restorative sleep comes in 5 minute increments that occur while in the arms of one of her parents, and then she's totally refreshed by the time that parent tries to stealthily lay her down in her crib, on their bed, in the bouncy seat, on a pile of freshly laundered clouds . . . it doesn't matter. She just wakes up.

It's fantastic.

1 comment:

  1. Curse me and my work day extended past 9 at night! If I had read the post yesterday, my comments would have been made.

    Alas, I shall continue on my bracelet-less way.