Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dodge Duvall

So, I knew this kid in college named Dodge Duvall.  The story goes that one day he happened upon a clothing combination that he just really liked: blue pants (not jeans, think dickies) and a blue button down shirt.  He liked it so much, he wore it every day for a year.

In this sense, Dodge Duvall is so much braver than I, because, if I had the nerve, I would wear this outfit everyday, maybe for my whole life.

James and I strolled over to Carl's jr. for lunch the other day.  I've had it on my brain ever since Thanksgiving in North Carolina.  North Carolina (the East in general) has Hardy's, which has the same signage, but I am assured by Annie Howington that it does not have the same menu.  The Carl's jr. secret is the flame-broiling, which will make you a believer.  They also have a hamburger with onion rings on it, and I'd pretty much eat a boot if it had onion rings on it.

My parents keep asking what our plans are each day, and look nonplussed when we look blankly back at them.  I keep telling them, this is our plan.  Hanging out, eating Carl's jr., and going for walks.

We did venture out to Nordstrom's Rack yesterday, where James and I lost our minds in the face of clearance Baby Benetton clothes, and I picked up a pair of jeans at 75% off retail price (see James's note about 75% off).  They are labeled on the tag as "burnt orange" but I think of them as "pumpkin pie".

Today I held Edie as she napped and watched two episodes of Top Chef, which I found highly satisfying.

But, I'm going to tell my parents we went to a museum.

As a side note, this stroller is great.  It's on loan from a friend and is super handy.  This photo depicts Edie's first ride in a stroller.  This particular stroller is a bit like a minivan: super convenient and useful, but doesn't totally make sense for my life.  That Carl's Jr. cup, however, that's all mine.


  1. Val, you are gorgeous! And I am jealous of that outfit... it looks super-comfy.

  2. Dodge actually did the "wearing the same thing everyday" twice. He had that blue outfit while he was James' and my roommate. But while a missionary he told his first companion (who hated his tie that day) that he would change his tie when his companion took him to buy a new one. His companion never took him so he wore the same tie for the entire 2 years. Not sure if it's determination or insanity or a little of both, but Dodge is awesome.