Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lights Out 2012

So, our power went out at 2 pm yesterday.  And came back on at 2 am.  It was awesome.  Also, the building's pilot light is electric, so the heat went out as well.

It was awesome.

James ran out and got some holiday candles on deep discount*, we ordered pizza, and played a billion rounds of Scrabble Slam (thanks Jen).

It was pretty cozy, but I'm sort of skipping the part where I called conEdison twice and spent a large part of our pitch dark evening being really irritated.

James commented, around 8 pm, that this is just what farm life is like in the Northern Territories or someplace without electricity.  I told him it probably was, as long as people spent their dark evenings making friendship bracelets and reading Bruce Campbell's autobiography (If Chins Could Kill) out loud to each other.  Just like.

We thought about spending the night at a friend's apartment (and the promise of cable tv was appealing), but my laziness won out in the end, and we dressed Edie in her bunting suit over her pajamas, and waited it out.

*James told me he'd buy anything at 75% off.


  1. Tell james I bought flip flops for the kids yesterday at 95% off.

  2. "If Chins Could Kill" is an outstanding book.

  3. Bah, no power AND your baby has a cold? What next, a smoker moves into the building?? Oh wait.

    That seriously bites. Except for the Slam. That'll always keep you warm at night.

    Way to pioneer through.

  4. Silvia, James and I are really impressed.

    Sarah, you're telling me.

    Jen, tell me about it. I was totally a pioneer. Like, thisclose to making my own calico dresses kind of pioneer.

  5. has a recipe for a 55 gallon drum of fake blood in that.

  6. what? No roasted marshmellows over your open flame? I'm disappointed.

  7. Would just like to gloat about my signed copy of If Chins Could Kill for a moment...