Sunday, January 1, 2012

Robot Quiz

This baby, as pictured here in happier days, has a cold, which, among other things, makes her sound hoarse when she cries.  It's completely heartbreaking.  Unless you're a robot.

I am not a robot, which is how I found myself, at 9:30 pm, on a Sunday night, New Year's Day, at a Neerguard pharmacy, spending way too much for a humidifier which, as it turns out, is super, super loud.  But, if it makes my room feel like waking up to a cool Hawaiian sunrise, then it'll be well worth it.

That's what humidifiers do, right?

just a side note, I know the button of her jeans is undone.  i leave it like that, for comfort.  i mean, we've all been there.


  1. I have had the humidifier running for three months now. Still have hoarse baby, but on the plus side, very soft skin. Edie's smile makes my day!

  2. I think it makes my husband nervous when he catches me reading your blog.

    He says, "That's James', right?"

    "No, Valerie's," I say.

    "Well, their kid?" And then he nervously leaves the room before I answer.

    Because sick or no, you have the child capable of eliciting baby hunger from anyone; even if I read it for the excellent literary content and not for how adorable Edie is sitting there with her jeans unbuttoned.

  3. She is very cute! I know you are probably not looking for advice, but someone gave me a tip to help my babies with colds and I use it often. Get some Vicks baby rub, rub it on her chest and on the bottom of her feet. The either put socks on her or some footie pj's, right before bed. Do not take her outside, so only do it at night. It works wonders for my kids, and it is safe! Good luck, having sick kids, especially babies that can't talk, is really hard!

  4. The sound of raspy babies is the WORST. I do sympathy throat clearings for hours after I hear it.

    I'm not judging about the unbuttoned jeans. I've been wearing stretchy pants almost exclusively through the holidays.