Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Special: Home from the Coast

Bad weather just as we left California was dispiriting, that has to be said.  Other than that, California 2012 was a success.  I ate a million tacos, hung out with old friends, visited family, ate See's candy, watched Idiot Abroad, and learned that Downton Abby is worth the hype.

It was hard to leave, as it always is.  Coming back to New York in late January is, well--let's get serious--it blows.  I brought back a Babysitter's Club Super Special to read when I get lonesome.

The flight home was fine.  I watched three episodes of Tabitha's Salon Takeover while sitting perfectly still so Edie would stay asleep in my arms.

We had a friend apartment sit for us, and when we got back tonight there was milk and coke in the fridge, and candy on the table.  I think this is what it must be like to be rich.  James and I installed Edie on the living room floor, and stretched out beside her to eat Thai food and read Entertainment Weekly.

It's good to be home, of course.  It's just that sometimes, sometimes, I wish my home were in California . . . along with my heart.


  1. of course downton abbey is worth the hype. I could have told you that. PS I am happy you are home.

  2. For the record: I wish that California were your home all the time.

    Thanks for making us tie your quilt and letting us squeeze Edie's cheeks.

  3. I like that you took pictures with the if you played....but you don't....

  4. Shiloh, I didn't know you were a Downtowner. Duly noted.

    Rach, me too. And, you're welcome.

    Terrah, thanks, lady.

    Sus, tell me about it.

    Shiloh, you don't know me, sister. I can wail.