Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby's First Gothic Revival Library

We took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday, which was open in honor of President's Day.  We went with Kimmy and Tyson, who is not pictured, but who loves past presidents.  After art-viewing, we sat outside on the steps and ate pb&j and discussed our favorite presidents.  I chose FDR for two reasons: one- he ran the country from a wheelchair, and two- he makes an appearance in Annie.

This photo is included because it captures the moment where I saw a guy in board shorts in a) February, b) New York, and c) a museum.

Just as a note, if you stand your infant on a sphinx, you will have a security guard yell at you, and then shake his head in a disappointed way that will make you feel embarrassed for much longer than you expect.  I have a tenancy to lean on art, so being reprimanded by security guards is not new to me.  But I could have lived without that head shake.

We looked at the historical rooms, and the Frank Lloyd Wright room (which is my favorite), and then saw James's favorite painting, The Death of Socrates, which he likes because of Steve Martin's SNL skit by the same name, and then we high-tailed it out of there.  I really like the Met, because even at it's fullest, it retains a dignity in its relative quiet, but hanging out with Edie feels a little like walking around with a time bomb.  Even when she's totally benign, I'm still wary, only glancing at her sideways, just ready for her to explode.

She didn't--she usually doesn't, but that low-grade anxiety may put my carefree museum wandering on the back burner for a while.

This is unfortunate, because museum discoveries, much like worthwhile life discoveries*, are usually made by accident.  So, one more thing to file under "things that are different about my life now".

*life lesson.


  1. Boy do I know that look. Too well. I touch art all the time. My hand will shoot out before I even know what is happening and then suddenly there's the security guard ahem-ing me and staring me down.

    Speaking of art, wondering minds (okay, just the Knechts. You were a topic of conversation a few nights ago.) are askin why your pictures are skinny little slits on your blog that you have to click on to see. Are you making some sort of statement?

  2. I went to the Met with Linda and Suzan a few months ago, and realized it was the first time I'd been to a museum without kids in at least 8 years. The stress of those ticking time bombs had almost made me forget my love of wandering peacefully by myself in a good museum. We should plan a date there, without kids sometime. I'd hate for you to go through what I went through.

  3. The fuzzed out pic = wonderful.