Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Girl, starring Anelida and Arcite

Hey, remember in My Girl, Vada has a crush on her teacher so she takes the poetry class he's teaching at the community center over the summer?  And her teacher is this groovy guy who is academic, but in this thoughtful and sensitive kind of way?

If you have that image in your head then you're ready to imagine my Canterbury Tales professor.  He's got this long, wavy hair and wears dark rimmed glasses and cool jeans and a sweater vest.  He read Chaucer's "Anelida and Arcite" in the Middle English and spoke for like an hour about Anelida's suicide by memory (most of which I didn't follow) and called the explanatory notes in the Riverside Canterbury Tales "pretty cool".

I half expect our final to be sitting around in a circle with the lights off, listening some bootleg Pink Floyd track over which Joan Baez reads The Wife of Bath's tale.

He's just exactly what you'd expect a guy who got his Ph.D in Medieval literature* to be like, only groovier.

* I don't even know, is Canterbury Tales considered Medieval?  Stacey, help me out.

** I totally forgot that Macaulay Culkin is in My Girl.  Maybe his best performance ever.

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