Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Is A Test

This is also a cereal milk milkshake.  A CEREAL MILK MILKSHAKE.  Get with it.  From the Momofuku Milk Bar.  It blew my mind.

Rachel, can you see the photo, normal-like?  Can everyone else?  Come on, reader-non-commenters, I need to know, can you see the photos?  This is for science.

**Also, for the record, the cereal is undisclosed, but it tastes like a sweet cornflake milk.  Not Frosted Flake-sweet, but just perfect sweet.


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  2. FOR SCIENCE! Yes, I can see the picture. And the milkshake. And now I'm envisioning the milkshake in my hand.

  3. Definitely normal. What kind of cereal?

  4. I can see the photo! But the real question is can YOU see my comment...?