Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Four Steps Away

Ages ago, James's sister asked me for photos of Edie's nursery.  I seem to recall laughing, a kind of hollow laugh, because New York babies don't have traditional nurseries.  At least, among me and my non-rich friends  (you know who you are).  They rather have corners, carved out for a crib or chair or toys.  That's what Edie has, a few corners.

Edie and I don't read much in this chair.  Not yet at least.  Right now she prefers hearing stories while laying in bed, which, I certainly can't fault her for.  I keep trying to read in the chair, but she squirms around to look up at me as if to say, I think you know this isn't going to work.

The rocking horse?  I got him at a yard sale in the Hamptons.  Which, I mean, if you're going to go to a yard sale, it might as well be in the Hamptons.

This bear's name is Zelda Fitzbearald, because of her bow, worn at such a rakish angle, reminiscent of her namesake's wild and free-wheeling style.

I'm not going to lie; sometimes I dream about having a house with more than one closet.  Or drawer (we have one drawer . . . in the whole apartment).  Maybe even a guest bedroom.  But something I don't dream about is to have Edie sleep farther away from me.  She sleeps about four steps away from me.  There is no door separating us.  I can hear her breathe.  And I love it.


  1. Look at Miss Edie's little DIY corners! I spot those Ikea spice racks turned shelves.

    It's all so sweet and simple. Lucky girl.

  2. You have a way of making your spaces so appealing. I want to come sleep on your couch... and bring my dog.

    Edie wouldn't mind.

  3. Blast the day you spotted the little rocking horse first :)

    Darling space for little Edie!

  4. The white chair and ottoman belong at my house - you can bring them with you next time you come.