Friday, March 16, 2012

What I Made*

That asterisk always implies a caveat, doesn't it?  

I made the wreath, and then I commissioned the flowers**.  Felt Maven Rachel did them for me.

We'll just say that I conceptualized this project, which is almost like making it.

This was a gift, so I imagine that it is now hung above someone's bed, with my picture tucked inside the wreath, so I am thought of each time this work of art is looked at.

**your "payment" is forthcoming, Rachel.


  1. it's amazing. i love it. i've gotten many a compliment on it already. many thanks to you and rachel.

  2. It turned out great! I love the little pearls you put inside the flowers. And don't you love saying you commissioned something? Like you sit around all day in a velvet robe being a patron to the arts.

    Also, I hate to bring bad news, but your pictures are doing it again.

  3. Valerie, when I finally have a place of my own will you promise to make a wreath for me? I will even put your picture in it.

  4. Rachel, I love those flowers. I want to commission some as well. I will pay you in real money, not a "payment".

    Cool idea valerie.