Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby, in Repose: or, 2nd Breakfast and Judgement

So, I eat breakfast earlier these days.  7ish.  So, by the time 10:00 rolls round, I'm pretty ready for lunch.  But, I have found through personal experience, that eating my lunch at 10:30 am is a quick way to have a really weird, long, day.  So, I instituted 2nd breakfast.  Edie's usually asleep, and I eat toast or cheese or pretzels or yogurt.  Or some combination.  And I watch Hulu.  Once I've already watched the new episodes of Community and New Girl, I have to start hunting around.

And, my favorite, my absolute favorite, is Dance Moms.  It's a dance studio, in Pittsburgh, PA, and it is just as insane as can be.  The dancers are all these tiny little nine-year-olds with low-grade anxiety disorders, and their moms do seemingly nothing else except sit through their child's endless round of dance classes and gossip about each other, the girls, and Abby Lee Miller, who runs the studio.

The really great thing about the show is that someday, someday soon, when all these girls are in therapy, they won't even have to tell their therapists about their childhood; they can just show episodes.