Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am too young, and they are too old

I've been thinking recently about how scared we all are, as a culture, to grow up.

This was thisclose to being a tirade about our national arrested development, but I figured that's better saved for my journal, and instead, how about these photos of Edie, and a list of things I ate this weekend (including Friday):

pulled pork sandwich
Peruvian tacos
cinnamon roll (thanks Shiloh, I ate both)
Thai spicy noodles
avacado sandwich
strawberry shortcake
Ruby's cheeseburger (best in the city)
homemade pizza
1/2 a reece's pb egg (last of the easter candy)
Special K with redberries and banana (double fruit)
Trader Joe's crackers and blueberry pocky (during Stake Conference)
salted caramel ice cream

If you happen to notice that this seems like a lot of food for only three days, you can email your comment to wwww.isthisevenamerica(dot)questionmark(dot)noitisn't.


  1. Now I want a cinnamon roll, and Thai noodles, and possibly a taco.