Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sad or Not Sad?

Tonight, while aggressively not writing a paper for Canterbury Tales, I played a few rounds of "Name That Thing" on the Merriam-Webster website.  Correctly identifying things like the color ocher, lychee fruit, and the pointy part of an umbrella (ferrule) appears to be one of my greatest talents.

After doing that a while, I tried out a vocabulary quiz, and guess what, I scored a 3,400.  The average is a sad 2,480.  I even scored better than the highest scoring age demographic, the 60-somethings who average a whopping 2880.  So take that, oldies.  And I don't even have to wear glasses.  I was so jazzed about this score that I left the page open so I could show James when he got home.

What's that?  A list of the words I got right?  You got it:

  1. Impede: Hinder (Easier
  2. Explicit: Specific (Medium
  3. Dolorous: Sorrowful (Hardest
  4. Dogma: Ideology (Harder
  5. Implement: Enforce (Easier
  6. Domicile: Home (Harder
  7. Dissonance: Conflict (Harder
  8. Expedient: Practical (Medium
  9. Ethereal: Airy (Medium
  10. Imperative: Essential (Easier

Also, some of you may know the definitions of many, if not all, of these words, but keep in mind, it's not just answering correctly, it's also the speed bonuses.  It's about poise under pressure.  Really, only Ken Jennings and Scott Knecht can truly understand.


  1. Well, now you've done it. My dad is going to be gloating for days that he got a mention on your blog.

  2. Truth be told, I marvel at your wordage every time we converse. Seriously. So, i believe it. I would probably put this list on my blog side bar, if it were me.