Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shiloh's Favorite Car

One day in recent memory, Shiloh and I drove around Brooklyn in a borrowed car, dropping off a portable crib, returning sandals to a shady Sears, then to Brooklyn Costco.  While we drove we talked about the cars of our past.

Shiloh described her first car, a white Cutlass Ciera, complete with the flags of many lands.  She loved it.  She still misses it.

I saw this in my neighborhood, and had to document it.  As an homage.

Shiloh, let's pile in and grab slurpies and drive with the windows down and the summer air pouring in.


  1. Holy shmolly! I had one of these when I first moved to Rexburg. Only it was a "Cruiser," which is "classy" for "station wagon."

  2. That was my first car! Except mine was gray. It had been my grandmother's, and was old enough that it had ashtrays on the seatbacks.

  3. G, it seems to be a popular auto.

    S, you're welcome.

    Sarah, I remember the ashtrays. Oh, for a simpler time.