Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tribeca at Night

When Elizabeth asked me to go, I was all, oh yeah, let's.  And then she told me the time and I was all, 9:30 at night?

But, Lucky's milkshake in hand, I headed over.  We scalped a ticket to tall guy in the rush line, and got three seats together on the left side of the theatre.  Our view turned out to be kind of a moot point, because the movie was (two thumbs down).

There was a talk-back after the movie, and one of the actors said, oh, I read the script and I couldn't believe a 21 year old wrote it.  And I was like, I believe it.

Heads up budding filmmakers: if you're on Glee, you can get anything green-lit.

A midnight walk to 6th Ave and one train ride later I was home safe.

In summation:
running 20 minutes late (minus 1pt)
Lucky's milkshake (plus 1pt)
Long line (minus 1pt)
Elizabeth makes $2 scalping a ticket (plus 1pt)
Ugh movie (minus 2pts)
Night on the town with my gals (plus a zillion pts)
Short wait for train home (plus a zillion pts)

No matter how you do the math, Tribeca comes out on top.  Well done, New York.


  1. I think you're my favorite blogger__ of all those who do not live in my house, that is.

  2. I'm so excited i couldn't take my eyes off the screen. And then the movie happened and I had to fight to keep them there.