Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Live Where You Vacation

Last week James, Shiloh, myself, and an assortment of children took a little trip to downtown Manhattan to visit the Cowgirl Sea Horse.  It was hella hard to get to, essentially tucked under the Brooklyn Bridge, but Edie loved the blackeyed pea salsa.  Seriously.  I got tacos and traded one for half of James's shrimp po'boy.  His was better.  Though, nothing was quite as good as our waitress, who had the most insincere smile known to mankind.  Whatever we asked for--chips, water, the check--she'd just sort of pause, as if giving us a moment to consider how truly absurd our request was, and then smile, in this tight, thin-lipped sort of way.  It was as great as it sounds.

Then we lounged in City Hall Park in the chilly sun.  This area of Manhattan, sandwiched between Tribeca and the Brooklyn Bridge, is one of my favorites.  There's not a ton of reasons to visit it--it's mostly city buildings--but it's old and storied and so, so beautiful.

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