Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Made

Not the gift, just the wrapping.  My true joy.

This is for a wedding in a lovely garden, but I wish I was taking this gift to a party on a yacht.


  1. I bought sadie a shirt at old navy that looks just like that paper. if i put a yellow bow in her hair they would be twins.

  2. Around Christmas in 2007, we were staying the night at your parents' house, and your dad was giving us an update on what everyone in your family was up to. He mentioned that you had a seasonal job as a "wrapper," and said you were really good at it. This just proves his point. So beautiful.

  3. If I received a present wrapped as such I surely wouldn't open it, and I'd be happy as a mollusk. For future reference, Gudri needs no gift—just a well-wrapped empty box.