Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clear as Day

Edie Facts:

loves black beans like the dickens
can go to sleep without her Lucky Duck pacifier, but, frankly, would prefer not to
likes a bath
would rather not be left alone in a room
likes puppets
has a funny back and forth dance she does when especially happy (i.e. eating black beans)
likes to watch other kid play and run and dance
always has a smile for our landlord, Jerry
really, really, really likes water

*I feel like it must be abundantly clear when I'm working on a paper, because I blog like never, never before.  for the record, I just re-wrote my opening paragraph, and felt that I deserved a break.


  1. OH my gosh, Val. I just want to squidge her. How do you concentrate on something like papers with those cheeks nearby?

  2. She and James went on a walk. That helps.

  3. If your breaks mean pictures of Edie then I say take them more often.

  4. That GRIN! And that bow. But mostly that grin.

  5. She's . . . just the cutest little person ever.

  6. She really is such a little cutie. I can already see a personality developing that is going to stop people dead in their tracks.

  7. That last picture is hilarious. really.

  8. So adorable! Really! She's a cutie!