Monday, May 28, 2012

Just a 3-day Weekend

I could think of a whole list of things I'm not interested in:
look books
books written by celebrities

But, fundamentally, I just like liking things.  I like holidays, and I like what they mean to different people.  Ever read Emily of Deep Valley?  It's a Maude Hart Lovelace book (of Betsy-Tacy fame), and takes place in Deep Valley, Minnesota.  Emily is in love with this tool, Don, who tells her that he thinks Decoration Day (which I'm pretty sure is Memorial Day) is a W.O.T (waste of time).  And she stands up for herself and her grandfather (who fought at Gettysburg, ok, Don?  Gettysburg), and tells Don that it is important to remember what has been sacrificed.  And, of course, the irony is that this conversation happens in 1912, so Don, fictional though he is, is about to find out what it's really like in a little something I like to call World War One.  Don.

Anyway, I agree with Emily.  I don't know anyone who fought at Gettysburg, but, she's right, we can't forget.  When I toured a concentration camp just outside Berlin, at the end of the tour, the woman giving the tour thanked us for being there, and told us that it will not be long before what happened there is ancient history, like the Napoleonic wars.  That's the nature of life, we march ever forward.  It can't be stopped, and I wouldn't want it to stop if it could be, but, if we forget how we got here, then we are no better than Don.

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  1. way to bum me out at the end. I am NOT Don!! (wouldn't it be funny if my name was Don?) thanks for the happy pictures though.