Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh-h, I Could Die*

There's a new park near our house.  Well, it was an old park.  I never really noticed it, but they closed it down for two years and now it's a swanky new park and this lady pushing her kid on the swing next to me told me that it was going to be a "destination park" for Brooklynites.  She looked kind of horrified as she said it.  So, if anyone from anywhere is looking for a park, I know of one that has swings in the shade and water features in the sun.  And there's a dumpling shop a block away and a frozen yogurt place across the street (and when I say frozen yogurt, I mean it.  they make homemade greek yogurt and then freeze it.  it's amazing).

Also, I may or may not be procrastinating finishing a paper, and this paper may or may not be the last thing I have to do before this semester if O-V-E-R, which may or may not make this paper really hard to do.  I mean, you get all this momentum, but it has to peter out sometime.  But, whatever, if it was you, I wouldn't say anything about it.  I'd just let you do whatever you wanted, so just mind your own bee's wax*.

*this is the song in my head right now.
**unless you're Liesl, my thesis buddy.


  1. The first thought I had when I saw the top image was, "Who is that hobbit man with his hobbit baby?" Sorry Valerie, but James has hobbit-proportioned feet. I think it's really cool, but he does need to grow some hair on them.
    Also, Edie continues to be adorable.

  2. Don't apologize, Mike, you didn't call me a hobbit.

    Also, even if you had, coming from you, I wouldn't take it as an insult (though, for the record, please don't call me one).

  3. bittersweet about the park.. Tate grew up at that old park, starting out at Edie's age, when we lived on 3rd street. but we'll have to make it a destination now, to check out the the new stuff, and meet you guys for dumplings and yogurt. okay?!

  4. Damn, you caught me! My momentum is definitely petering out...