Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paper Dolls

I've been working on a lot of paper dolls lately.

I made these while babysitting on Wednesday.  I'm a particular fan of the gal in the green sweater.  I call her Joanna, because she reminds me of Joanna Loudon from TV's Newhart.  I could never pull off a turtleneck like she can.

The bottom set is a collaboration with Mabel, who is four, and a creative genus.  I admit that my asymmetrical designs on Veronique (in the red dress, with the blue hair), seem a little too "of-the-moment-in-the-east-village", but you can't deny that multicolored sweater on Allison and the heart tank on Leslie are pitch-perfect.

I left the paper dolls on the table when I left . . . Mabel's dad works for Saks Fifth Avenue.


  1. we make these a lot. I've actually gotten quite good. I can even cut out babies and ballerinas.

  2. I saw these over there on Friday. I thought it curious mostly because it has been ages since I have seen paper dolls and then I thought, well, I also have boys, not girls....but knowing you were involved, well it makes sense. Ol' timey ya know. We still on for falafels on friday night? because it is kind of all I can think about.