Thursday, May 10, 2012

Redemption Song

Monday.  Ugh, Monday.  Sometimes I have days that I can best described as misspent.  Where I'm given this day, wide open, and all I do it fritter it away on things that could not mean less.  Facebook, blogs (no offence), half a magazine article, too many snacks, re-watching cooking shows on Hulu . . . I could go on, but it's making me feel bad again.

All my time with Edie felt divided and stymied, which isn't accurate, or really even fair, but on Monday, I was in a mood to be hard on myself.  And worst of all, I missed a reading which I really should have gone to.  It was for a friend, James was in it, and (worst of all) there was free food.

If I'm going to lay blame, it'll be on Edie, for waking up at 5am, and never going back to sleep.  I didn't run, slept strangely, and never got the day back.

I wrote this all in my journal on Monday, with some resolutions for Tuesday.  I didn't record it here, because I wanted this to be a story of redemption.

Tuesday, Edie slept.  I ran four miles (which, magically, makes the day longer), showered, answered emails, finished re-reading the interminable Knight's Tale, and didn't eat my weight in bagel chips.  That alone would equal success in my book.

In the pm, I left Edie and James, and headed to the IFC on West 4th street to see 1st Position.  I went by myself, which I love, ate a whole box of sour patch kids and sat right behind Julia Stiles.

Redemption Tuesday.

*the bright spot of my lost Monday was a very sweet nap I took with Edie (which played a part in us missing the reading).  though I'd like to avoid another misspent day, no amount of productivity is as peaceful as a snuggly nap.


  1. I've been thinking lately about that blog you wrote a while ago, when you talked about your "productivity scale" while you weren't working or going to school. I'm in a similar boat, and though I still enjoy it enough to keep the situation and not look for a job (confusing syntax), I have days that feel like that Monday you described. I keep being tempted to come up with my own productivity scale, but knowing me, well...that way lies madness. I guess it's nice to remind oneself that for every crazy Monday, a Redemption Tuesday is possible. Unless you die, or something.

    Anyway, I'm just connecting.

  2. I just watched the trailer. I think I would enjoy that movie.

  3. you sat behind julian stiles?? Son of a b----!!

  4. julia, obviously i meant to type. obviously my fingers have a habit that's hard to break.