Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gold Underwear

James and I went on a date.  To Ruby's, which is Australian, and has, hands down, the best burger in the city.  It's also a little hidden, on Mulberry Street, which makes me feel inside.

You can't tell, but the painting behind of James depicts cows.  I don't think he noticed them behind him, which is the way with cows.  Otherwise, he would have been terrified.

We have, by no prior arrangement, been spending this last Brooklyn week in a spectacularly ordinary fashion.  I go running in the morning, we eat at home, see friends occasionally.  We have a few final meals and museums and races planned, but, we are wrapping up our time at a slow, easy pace.  Slow enough that it doesn't feel like wrapping up.  It just feels like . . . like a see you later.

James is going to Boston two weeks before me, and will stay in a 3 bedroom apartment, which is not ours, while he is there.  When he told me this, I was like, oh, great, so we can get used to the lap of 3 bedroom luxury, just before we are thrown back into the cold reality 1 bedroom/1 drawer kind of living.

Hey, all you with 3 bedrooms, what's it like?  How should I prepare?  I don't own any long strands of pearls or full-length fur coats.  Should I get some?  How about a driver?  Advice, please.


  1. I don't know about 3 bedroom apartments, but I can tell you that in my two bedroom I am regularly discarding my fox stole when it gets a little warm.

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  3. Diamond studded vacuum bags and silver plated trash cans. And ground pearls for the rash you're going to get from those gold undies. Nasty chafing.

    (I have a grammar error phobia, especially on your blog.)

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  5. NOTE: I delete my previous comment due to excessive grammar errors, I just couldn't stand it

    well, a three bedroom is pretty luxurious, but its the two baths that will get you. Liquid gold flushes the toilet, and whole milk pours from the bath tub tap, you know, to keep you looking youthful. At least it does in my new 2 bed, 2 bath, main level, open concept apartment.....with a walk in closet and a linen closet.

    PS my favorite part....the linen closet
    PPS I still with you lived a half mile from me instead of a country away....sad face

  6. I'm currently in one of those 3-bedroom places, but we're more on the scullery maid end of things, as it's my parents'. Jess and I are soon to move into a 1-bedroom. How do I do the baby thing there? Really. I need any advice you have. She slept in your room, right (as apposed to, like, the bathtub...)?

  7. What would I do with a 3rd bedroom?

    make it into:

    a) licorice room
    b) velcro room
    c) a fake subway car, strewn with chicken bones

    Write soon and tell us what that 3-bed is like. Oh, and see you later.