Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Monday began what will be an impossibly busy month.  So, instead of jumping in and doing what needs to be done, I'm mostly lounging, running, and looking through the photos from this weekend.

a. Annie and Edie, subway standing.
b. Cedar Heights reunion (minus Cherie and Candice)
c. baby picnic*
d. ladies who lunch (in the park)
e. the cozy tree
f. Tyson's stoop**

*it started to rain (pour), and, rather than leave, relocated to a cozy spot under a tree.

**Pete and Aiden had been promising the most outlandish things, like swapping out people's teeth, trading arms for legs, and they were pretty pleased with themselves.


  1. I need all these photos, will you email them to me. Thanks.

  2. ^^ditto^^
    also, this was fun. real fun. next stop: new orleans.

  3. I am sad to not have been there. Looks like you had a great time.