Monday, June 18, 2012

The Long Goodbye

So, we're moving to Boston, and I am thinking about how to begin to say goodbye to things.

I'm compartmentalizing my goodbyes, maybe so my sadness doesn't tsunami me.  I'll start here: my bedroom, the most pleasant room in my home.

These days I'm surrounded by understatement, and here is another one.  

I don't mean pleasant like a pleasant afternoon, or a pleasant breakfast, but pleasant like sometimes when I lay with Edie on my bed at dusk, and the warm twilight breeze curls around us both, and the rush of traffic sounds like water, my heart wants to break with contentedness.  Pleasant like walking in after Edie is asleep, and seeing her cinematically lit by the streetlamp, or watching her unbroken sleep as a fire truck goes sirening by.  Pleasant like waking to see the bright blue postage stamp of sky out my window, and smelling air that is summer sweet--and not just poetically sweet, but actually sweet--and letting it tempt me out to a morning run.

I mean pleasant like that.


  1. NO! Don't do it!! I was planning on us becoming the best of friends. Sigh. Also, as a non-parent, this post broke my heart. Which is saying something, because you know how New York hardened my heart can be. I imagine, and as my imagination is my strongest muscle, I can believe there must be a rolling and wide amount of simple happiness that comes from a baby who has grown accustomed to the the sounds of the city. Maybe Boston will have fire engines too? </3

  2. oh man. this was really great. And I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Um, I'm a little teary for you, but excited for your new adventure. Sometimes after reading your posts, I believe I live in Brooklyn.'s to Boston! P.s. My family wants to know what is taking you to Boston. Share, please!

  4. I feel like I understood what you meant by pleasant before you wrote it because it was captured in your pictures. Good luck in Boston. I've always thought I would move there so I am excited to live there vicariously through you

  5. Amazing.

    We are excited to hear more about your Boston adventure. I have to admit I was surprised to read that you were moving. I was kinda hoping one day you would welcome us as we moved to Brooklyn.

    Guess we'll just have to choose that other B city so we can be neighbors.

  6. This is a beautiful beginning to your goodbyes. I think there are places I've left that my heart insists on bidding farewell to long after I've rearranged my borders. I sense Brooklyn will long be that way with you. We have to shift venues to tell the best stories. You already tell them well; think how rich they will become.