Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Yorker

a. Union sq baby*
b. Union sq skies
c. Union sq Pete**
d. Union sq family***
e. Beecher's grilled cheese****
f. baby full of mac and cheese
g. chipwich*****

*she woke up 10 minutes into a nap, which I find completely absurd, because she as in a stroller, in a park, in the shade, on the most perfect early summer day.  there was a gentle breeze and the hum of happy conversation and laughter all around her.  but no, the world's most ideal nap was not for her.

**he looks like a character from Dandelion Wine.  Or the Sandlot.

***Shiloh likes this picture, even though she feels like she looks more like a hipster than she was intending.

****This was ham and cheese, and it was dreamy.  if you dream of cheese.  This was delicious, but James and I devoured it, and the $6 mac and cheese (with help from Edie [see following photo]), and I wanted to try the fig and cheese, but it was sold out.  Disaster.

*****with salted caramel ice cream, from CoolHaus (food truck)


  1. g is my favorite. It reminds me of the old Lily Tomlin in the giant chair skits. Maybe they were on Sesame Street - I can't remember for sure.

  2. f: that's how i feel after too much mac and cheese too.