Thursday, June 7, 2012

Session 9*

Because we like to keep about a million pans in the fire**, we are working on another big project this summer.  And to keep in on track, we had a recording session (or, sesh, as I like to call it) last week to get the audio for an animation project James wrote.

It took place last Tuesday, on the hottest day ever on the planet, with 90% humidity all day.  Luckily, the sound studio was deep underground and cool.  Listen, I'm no Neil Sedaka, so I've never been in a recording studio before, and I was deeply impressed by how quiet and peaceful it was.  The actual recording went swimmingly, and though it lasted five hours, we got everything we needed.  There's a really nice feeling of accomplishment when we clear a big hurdle in the process, and that's what this was.

Now, of course, we face, like, a jillion more hurdles.  But, we're on our way.

As for our other big project, we just sent the rough cut back to the editor.  Amazingly, even in rough cut form, with only the sound the camera picked up, it's a total dream.

*I labeled these photos session1, session2, and so on, which reminded me of the scariest movie known to mankind, Session 9.  If someone tries to get you to watch it, ask yourself, Do I have normal human emotions that cause me to be frightened and feel a sense of foreboding?  If the answer is yes, don't watch it.

**We do tend to keep a few pans in the fire, but right now we just have the two big ones.  The secret project, or, Hills Like White Elephants, and this, The Pine Barons of Long Island.

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