Thursday, June 28, 2012

Transcendentalism Saves the Day

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's like she's incapable of rational thought.  We were on the subway today and she just fell apart.  And it was a crowded subway.  The F train.  At 6:00 pm.  On a Friday.

She was only consoled by James flying her into unsuspecting people's faces and me shoving her mouth full of cheerios.


Like mother like daughter.

Thanks to Shiloh for the photos.


  1. I was talking to someone at church the other day about grumpy if they just LISTENED when you told them it's okay, that if they just did THIS thing (usually sleep), they'd feel happier. The woman replied that having babies made her appreciate much more how Heavenly Father must feel every single day.

    Also, I can't really get over that last picture. I showed it to Jacob and he burst into delighted giggles.

    So next time she's freaking out, just tell her that my husband and I think she's adorable. That oughta whip her into shape.

  2. how come you didn't take any pictures of that?

  3. When we went and saw Bill Cosby in Rexburg, he was talking about how, when he was 7, he pretty much lit himself on fire. And how his mom came in and saw him on fire, in the corner of the kichen, laughing. Then he said: "I had been on the earth for 7 years. My mother was 25. She had NEVER encountered an IDIOT like this before."

    ... I don't know if his mother was really 25 but he was for sure 7.

  4. i knew she'd look awesome in that outfit. aaaaand she does.