Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fine Athletics and Fine Art

1. Shawn White was in the NBC studios talking about, of all things, trampolining.  So, his interview started out weird.  Then he said that this was the first time he had ever seen any events.  He said in his Olympics, he'd just done his event and then taken off.  Listen, Shawn, I know you're busy designing sweatshirts for Target and testing out flavors for your gum, but are you telling me that in two Olympics you haven't found the time to see one additional event?  Bad form, girl-hair.  Bad form.

2. So, I'm still not over McKayla Maroney silver medal on vault.  McKayla is my favorite American gymnast.  She's flinty and sassy and so, so good.  I love that she just vaults.  I love that she doesn't wear hand guards.  I love that she's great.  I've never been an Olympian (not yet, anyway), but I think anyone who has ever suffered disappointment at their own hands understands how she felt on Sunday night.  I like this article about her a lot.
2a. My favorite Russian gymnast is Aliya Mustafina.  She's so bad.  She's so queenly.  She's just so Russian.  I don't like seeing anyone fail, but I prefer watching her loose her marbles in anger far better than watching her tiny, fragile teammate Viktoria Komova weep in despair.  One way or the other, I was glad to see her win gold on uneven bar.

3.  Two words: Oscar Pistorius.  When asked if he, as a double amputee, was an inspirational figure, he responded, graciously, that every athlete at the Olympics was inspirational in some way.  He speaks of the spirit of the games and is just the very, very best.

4.  Kirani James.  A close, close second.  When he won the gold medal in the men's 400 meter sprint, it was Grenada's first medal -of any color- ever.  Ever.  He's a close second.

5.  So, Gabby Douglas's last name is an anagram for Gold USA, a fact which, apparently, blew up on Twitter earlier this week, which makes this a pretty good Olympics for anagrams.


  1. That Kirani James is a class act. I thought so when he swapped bibs with Pistorius at the end of the heat and then I doubly thought so when after he won gold, instead of immediately taking a victory lap, he congratulated each and every one of his competitors.

  2. OH, I KNOW. I KNOW. He's a class act, for sure.

    That's what the Olympics are all about, because, when he won, didn't we ALL celebrate with Grenada?

  3. I <3 Oscar. Looooove love love love.

    Also love Mustafina! Her face is so outstanding. Those huge tragic eyes. I feel like I might be watching a Russian soap opera when i watch her, if such a thing exists.