Thursday, August 9, 2012

Glad Summar

How do you say goodbye to a place that has a Norwegian candy store?  You heard me right--a store that just sells Norwegian candy.  We happened upon it by accident, a candy Brigadoon, if you will.  We were just walking along, and, ta da, there it was.  Apparently, Norway really loves sour candy and black licorice.  I would love it there.  p.s. This place has the best, sourest gummy candy I've ever, ever had.  It's shaped like a skull and crossbones, and it makes my jaw clench just thinking about it.

It was our next to last day in the city, and we were on our way to the Cowgirl.  Which is nice and circular, because the Cowgirl was kind of the first place that was our place.  It's in the West Village and is a little tricky to get to, and it's the place we took people and insisted they order the baked potato dessert which is ice cream coated in cocoa shaped to look like a baked potato that we thought was endlessly clever.  It even has yellow frosting shaped into a pat of butter.  So it was nice to go there, and order the pulled pork sandwich for the hundredth time and wander back through Christopher Street and to West 4th, where we walked through the hot, hot station and jumped on an F train home.

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