Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mooooooo-ving Day

We moved into our new apartment yesterday.  And, by "moved in", I mean watched as movers carried our boxes in, and then bailed to sleep in an apartment that's not completely filled with boxes.

I actually took more photos of the apartment to show my mom (including one flattering one of the toilet while trying to document the bathroom's black and white subway tile), but those are going to wait until it's not so much of a mess.  Or, at least until after this weekend.


  1. Dude I am trying to stalk your blog, and your pictures won't load and I'm going insane. For the love of all that is holy, please fix this issue.
    Love your stalker,

  2. This picture is so perfectly classic.

    I need a baby to pose with, it makes photos seems so effortless. If I was like "hey babe, take a picture of me in front of our door" I'd have to do like a wooh! face or throw a peace sign, you know?