Thursday, August 16, 2012

Next time, in Rio

Shiloh and I were just talking about Rock and Roll Gymnastics, which was a show the gymnasts would put on after the competition was over.  There was music, they did group routines, they wore fancy costumes, and in the one I remember best, Shannon Miller let her hair down.  Sadly, they no longer do this, but I was thinking of some other exhibitions they could do in Rio.

For next time, I'd like to see some athletic mash-ups:

Sure, Michael Phelps has a lot of gold medals, but I'd like to see him swim the marathon open water course.  It's 6 miles.  In a lake.

Same with Usain Bold and the marathon.  Let's see how many push-ups he does after 26 miles at a 4:40 pace.

I'd like to see the trampoline gymnasts dive.  They're used to heights.  I bet they'd be pretty good.

BMX bikers ride in the velodrome, or do the mountain bike course.  I'd like to see them maintain their cool hair through that course.

Which reminds me: I heard a BMX biker interviewed a few days before his event, and he related the following conversation:
We (the BMX bikers) were in the cafeteria in the Athlete's Village, and someone came up and asked, are you guys BMX?  And I was like, how'd you know?  And he was like, because you guys look cool.

And I was like, yeah, ok.  He was in the cafeteria in the Athlete's Village.  Surrounded by Olympic athletes.  And that's what you hear all the time about all those collegiate all-American jocks.  Bunch of nerds.

I'm going to assume the other person in this conversation meant "cool".

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