Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sporting Loyalty, and an Olympic List

1.)  Is anyone else getting a little sick of China's antics?  Like the Badminton players throwing their games to get better match-ups (if you have any Olympic spirit at all, this video will infuriate you)?  Or the "suspicious" finish to Ye Shiwen's 400 IM.  I'm trying to keep it together, but it seems whenever there's hubbub about something shady, the Chinese are usually involved (see: underage gymnasts in Beijing).

2.)  Did you see these outfits worn by Rogers and Dalhausser?

They look like hip-hop dancers performing at an Indian casino.

3.) So, the winners in a cycling race sit on thrones.  Thrones.  I contacted my brother, James, for clarification on this.  He confirms it's a thing.  Then he asked me why other sports don't provide thrones for the winners.  And I was like, I don't know.

4.)  Two diving notes:
4a.) Mexico is awesome at diving.  Way to go, Mexico
4b.) Tom Daley is just the Justin Bieber of diving.

5.)  It took me a loooooooong time to unwind after last night's events.  Man alive, that was a good night for sport.  The only thing missing from last night's gymnastic triumph was Shiloh, sitting next to me, all arrayed in red, white, and blue.
5a.)  Also, after laying in bed for, like, 30 minutes, I got up and checked.  We can all relax, Jonathon Horton will compete individually in high bar.

Thank goodness.


  1. So you're saying that the throne is a thing is other races and not just the ones that start and end at a castle? Because I thought the British were just being cheeky.

    Also, those badmiton players disgust me.

  2. Holy cow! I want to know what those badminton players have stashed in their bags - they are huge (the bags not the players). Certainly they don't have two dozen rackets just in case a string gets loose?!

  3. well you know that in china if you don't win the gold, they kill you. Silver and bronze are considered failure. I'm pretty sure they'll kill your coach too.

  4. I think Tom Daley looks like JD just sayin....#blastfromthepast

  5. Love all those synchronized diving boys! So cute. I'm just waiting for it to be identical twins. It has to happen, right?? It makes perfect sense. This is the only place where they wouldn't be creepy.

  6. boooooo, boooooooo, boooooooooooo, boooooooooooooooo, booooooo. it is always the chinese isn't it.

    on another note, I might have cried last night when my man from the bronx messed up his pommel. it hurts. one more more chance......