Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bulk of My Estate

What's the best thing about the East Coast, you ask?  Who knows.

James and I are developing new Massachusetts personas.  Step one: be people who go to estate sales.

Step one accomplished.

We went on Saturday, and it was thrilling.  This is merely a preview.  Here's the story about this doll bed.  I saw it, and I was like, I neeeeeed that.  But, then I was like, for what?  Edie can't play with it, she'll sit on it and break it.  And though I'd love it in my room to hold my Duck, there just isn't room.   Besides, it was $75, so, I looked at it, took pictures, and moved on.

We bought a treasure-trove of other things (teaser), and the gal in charge gave me such a good deal, I asked her what's the best she could on the doll bed (James and I watched a lot of American Pickers after the Olympics ended and we still had cable).


Then the lady running the show told me she was thinking about getting it for her dog, and I was like, I'll take it.

And I did.  And now the frame is packed in my basement amongst boxes of books, and the bed linens in my kitchen waiting to be washed.


  1. I kind of love that wallpaper. It's very Green Gables.

  2. It looks like the perfect size for an AG doll. Yes?

  3. I want that doll bed. Estate sales - in the Boston area - I'm salivating.

  4. BAH! I'm scared of it. I hope the doll ghosts are worth that $30.