Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A List, of Sorts

I'm mostly posting these photographs because they are flattering for me, though, less so for Edie.

There's a wind blowing through Winchester that smells like a storm, and I'm reminded, Annie, that Forks is where the believers are.

Sometimes, I make burritos, and it's like I've never had one before and their magic is brand new.

Shiloh, remember that leather cuff you gave me?  I'm wearing it like gangbusters-all the time.

James has a desk on the porch where he works at night, and we take turns leaning out the window to talk to each other and pass the sour patch kids back and forth.


  1. jeggings with cankles-normally not the most flattering. on that girl? perfection.
    also, i'm pretty much living for november at this point.

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  3. i second annie's comment. this whole post is pretty much perfect but the forward-stretched baby foot? i die.

    (yeah, that last comment was mine. i made a mistake. what. I'm anal and i don't care.)