Friday, September 21, 2012

A Room of One's Baby Own

Edie has her own room here in Mass. (still working on the spelling).  This is what it looks like.  

We spend time in here looking at books, laying down with our eyes shut (mostly me), napping (mostly her), sleeping at night, playing with toys, and cuddling close to the space heater.  It's a nice room, but not very cozy.  When we lived in New York my mom gave me some insulating curtains that are marketed as "blankets for your windows".  We're going to get some more of those, because that's marketing I can get behind.

A note on the map above Edie's crib.  We got it as an estate sale, from a house that had obviously seen many children.  The house had lots of good books, all with notes written in the margins, and a large collection of maps.  These drawings were included.  I love the idea of having things that you really love and thing are important, but realizing nothing is so precious that it couldn't be improved by a couple of pen-and-ink battle ships.


  1. I like the banner on the crib and maps with battle-ships drawn in.

  2. AMEN. immediately that was my favorite thing. and the globe. very very cute. A+